To become a member of Archery Australia you simply join a registered Archery Australia club and within the membership fees you pay to the club is the membership component to both the local RGB (Regional Governing Body) and to Archery Australia.


Archery Australia offers a number of membership types -

Individual Affiliate (non voting member)

This membership level covers everyone shooting in clubs or enaged in archery related activities. An individual affiliate of Archery Australia is afforded all rights and privileges under the Constitution and Rules except for voting at the Annual General meeting which is the role of the RGB.

Under the Archery Australia Constitution anyone shooting at a club or engaged in any archery related activity MUST be a current registered Financial Member of Archery Australia. If not they will not be covered by the insurance policies or entitled to any rights or privileges offered to members.

Under Archery Australia rules you can only be a full member of Archery Australia and an RGB through one club.

You can change your club registration at anytime after paying the appropriate club fees.

You can be a member of more than one club but membership to additional clubs can only be by Club Associate Membership.

Associate (Non Shooting) Affiliate

This a token membership level and is offered to friends of the sport, non shooting family members or volunteers. Club Associate Affiliates must not engage in Shooting, Coaching, Instruction, Officiating (Judging) or any other formal activity.

It provides only insurance cover as a volunteer.

Club Associate Membership

Club Associate is a person already registered to Archery Australia and the RGB through a Club (their primary club) but is seeking Associate Membership with another Club.

Club Associates must be registered to Archery Australia and the RGB through the membership database.

Club Associates may be charged a club fee but are not required to pay the Archery Australia or RGB component of the fees again as this would have already been paid through their primary club.

Club Associates can only represent their primary club in competitions or at meetings for voting purposes through their primary Club with whom they are registered with Archery Australia and the RGB.

By virtue of my registration with Archery Australia and the RGB I must comply with all the Rules, Regulations and Policies of Archery Australia and the RGB.

The fee charged and rules imposed for Club Associate Memberships will be the responsibility of each Club offering Club Associate Membership. Club Associate Membership is not compulsory but is a facility offered by each club.


Life Member

A person is granted Life Membership by the Archery Australia Board following a recommendation of the Awards Committee in recognition of years of service to the sport.

Honorary Affiliate

A membership type offered by the and approved by the Archery Australia Board from time to time to individuals, associations or organisations who offer sponsorship, support or assistance  to the sport.

Temporary Member

Temporary membership is offered to people undertaking instruction or a "Come N Try" course, or Archery Alliance or International visitor who can provide membership to a World Archery registered National Federation.

There are strict requirements covering Temporary Members.

Members (Voting)

The Recognised Governing Bodies, being the Voting Members of Archery Australia Inc. within the meaning of that expression in Section 3 of the Associations Incorporation Act 1991 (ACT) for the purposes of the AGM, shall be the only entities entitled to receive notices, reports, statements, accounts or any other material required by the Act to be served on members of Archery Australia Inc.


Clubs, are Non-Voting Members of Archery Australia Inc.


Member in “Good Standing”


For many Archery Australia activities such as Team Selection one of the conditions of team selection is that the person remains in “Good Standing”, what does this means.


The person must -


  • Be an Australian Citizen, which means you are a Australian Passport holder comply with World Archery requirements;

  • Be a current financial member of Archery Australia;

  • Complete and submit the necessary forms and copy of passport by the due date;   

  • Not owe any funds or debits to Archery Australia;

  • Not be under any bans or restrictions such as Anti Doping violations;

  • Agree to and comply with the Team Agreement and Code of Conduct;


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