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Rating Tables for Target, Field, Indoor and Clout Archery Rounds are used to determine your Rating and can be found in Archers Diary.

The allocation of an initial rating for target and/or field archery is obtained by shooting at least three (3) target and/or field rounds and determining the Rating for each round. For an initial Indoor rating, at least 3 Indoor rounds must be shot.

The Rating for the 3 rounds are averaged and this is used as your initial rating.

The rating is taken to the nearest integer.

Ratings and Handicaps are managed for members by Club Recorders. 


For example you shoot 3 rounds and score

The average Rating score for these five rounds is 83 which is your starting (or "initial") rating.


Each archer's rating will be adjusted when they record a score better than their existing rating. It will be adjusted by half the improvement, unless the improvement figure is an odd number; in that situation the adjustment, will be by the nearest whole number less than the improvement.

Example 1 - The athlete has a rating of 84 shoots a FITA 900 and scores 835 which is as rating of 88, the difference is 4 points so their rating will increase by 2 points to 86.

Example 2 - The athletes has a rating of 84 and shoots a FITA 900 and scores 842 which is a rating of 90. The difference is 5 points so the rating would be 2.5 points which is an odd number so go to the nearest lower whole number which would be 4 points, increasing the rating to 86.

What if I have a lengthy break from shooting then return back?

Previously your rating would have stayed at the highest level you had obtained. Now the system will look at your last 12 months results to work out your rating. If the athlete has less than 10 ratings recorded in this period, then up to the last 10 ratings will be used, irrespective of the dates the ratings were achieved. A handicap will be calculated as long as the minimum number of ratings has been recorded (refer In this way for example an experienced athlete is not entirely treated as a new archer upon their return.

What if I have a genuine reason to need a adjustment to my rating?

Archers Diary will automatically keep track of your performances and adjust your handicap based on your last twelve months of results. Handicaps may reduce if your performances have lowered over time or will increase as a result of higher performances. Initial handicaps will be allocated after you have shot in three events and will be for target, field, indoor and clout for the various bowtypes you are shooting. Manual adjustments can only be done to an archer's handicap by the Archery Australia National Recorder. Should you believe you have a reason why your handicap needs to be manually adjusted then ask your Club Recorder to contact the National Recorder to discuss your situation and reasoning. The decision of the National Recorder after consultation with the Tournament and Records Committee shall be final in regards to any handicap adjustments. Examples of situations that may require an adjustment might be, Major medical incident Change of hand that you now need to shoot based on permanent injury, etc.


Handicaps can be used for conducting tournaments and allow people irrespective of gender, age class or equipment division to compete equally together.

To determine the handicap allowance, the athlete’s rating is used to determine the handicap allowance for a particular target round; the Handicap allowance is the difference between the possible score and the athlete's expected performance according to the athlete’s rating.  

This handicap allowance is then added to the athlete’s actual score to give the adjusted handicap score.

Example 1 - A Recurve archer with a rating of 86 is shooting a WA 60/900, the archer's allowance is 70 points (the perfect score is 900). Score associated with the rating is 830, so the difference is 70 points). During the competition the archer shoots a score of 818; with the allowance added, the adjusted score is 888.

Example 2 - A Longbow archer also shooting the same round with a rating of 50, the archer's allowance is 266 and shoots a score of 631. With the allowance added, the adjusted score would be 897.

Handicap events can be open or limited to equipment divisions, the highest adjusted score (actual score plus allowance) total wins.

An athlete who competes in more than one Equipment Division may have a separate handicap for each Division.


Handicap allowances for Clout Archery are determined by subtracting the average score from the last 5 rounds shot (6 ends) from the possible score of 360.


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