Judging FAQs - Longbow

What rules apply to Longbow Shooting in Australia?

World Archery Rules for Longbow only apply to 3D and Social Field Archery events.

In Australia, Longbows can compete in all activities, Target, Indoor, Field, Clout and 3D. To avoid confusion, Archery Australia has created clear shooting rules for Longbow, which are generally in line with World Archery Shooting Rules with a few minor exemptions.

For all competitions held in Australia, ONLY Archery Australia Shooting Rules will apply.

If World Archery makes a change to the Longbow Rules, when do these new rules come into force for archery in Australia?

Unless it is a safety issue, all new rules or admendments come into force on 1st January each year.

I shoot a Longbow; can I claim a FITA Star Award (Target), FITA Arrowhead Award (Field) or Target Award (Target or Indoor) in a World Achery registered tournament?

If you are shooting in the Longbow Division, the answer is "no", as World Archery does not recognised Longbow for Target, Field or Indoor.

For persons shooting longbow to be eligible for FITA Awards, they must compete in the Freestyle Recurve Division to qualify for FITA Stars or FITA Target Awards and in the Barebow Recurve Division for FITA Arrowhead Awards


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