What is the correct bow length?


When selecting a recurve bow it is very important to select the correct bow length to match your arrow/draw length.

By doing this the bow will feel smoother to draw and the performance of the bow will be maximised.

Recurve bow limbs are designed to be used within specific arrow/draw length ranges, for example; if you use a bow with limbs too long for your arrow/draw length (for example you have a 26" arrow/draw length and use a 70" bow), you won't be working the limbs enough to efficiently propel the arrow.

If the bow is too short (for example 64” bow with a 30” arrow/draw length) the bow will most definitely be very efficient, as you will have over stress the limbs possibly to a point of damaging the limbs. 

In this case the limbs will also stack, that is the limbs will unevenly gain bow weight as you draw further back creating an uncomfortable bow at full draw and a very sharp angle of the string on your fingers at full draw which cause pinching of the fingers.

The goal is to use a bow length matched for your arrow/draw length, this will deliver the correct amount of the energy to efficiently propel the arrow but will not under or over stress the limbs. The bow will also feel very comfortable to draw and shoot.

Industry standard arrow/draw length to bow length are –

14-16" = 48" bow

18-20" = 54" bow

20-22" = 58" bow

22-24" = 62" bow

24-26" = 64" bow

26-28" = 66" bow

28-30" = 68" bow

30+ = 70" bow


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