Although archery had been practised in Australia since 1790 (officers of the First and Second Fleet) with clubs operating in all capitol cities and major regional centres throughout the 1800's and early 1900's the Archery Association of Australia (AAA) was not officially formed until the 17th and 18th January 1948, see original minutes HERE

This followed the establishment of the 7 RGBs during 1947. Archery Society of NSW, Archery Society of Victoria, Archery Society of Tasmania, Archery Society of South Australia, Archery Society of Western Australia, North Queensland Archery Association and South Queensland Archery Association.

The first National Championships was held in Sydney on the 3rd and 4th October 1948, RESULTS

In conjunction with the 1948 National Championships the first AAA Annual General Meeting was conducted, see original minutes HERE and Financial Report HERE.


                                           Grace Drake NSW (1948 National Champion)                                Fred Bell SA (1948 National Champion)

The annual fees to Archery Association of Australia in 1948 were Senior 1 shilling and six pence and Junior six pence. 

According to the Commonwealth Statistician the average weekly wage in Australia in 1948 before tax was 7 Pound 15 shilling and nine pence. That means the cost of joining Archery Australia in 1948 was .22% of a person average weekly wage. In 2014 that figure is .11% of the average weekly wage. 



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