Archery Australia High Performance Program

About the National High Performance Program (Updated 1 October 2019)

The purpose of the NHPP is to provide a system and support for Archery Australia’s High Performance Athletes in a structured, fair and transparent manner that enables the athletes to be the best Archers that they can be.

The ultimate objective of the NHPP is to win medals at World Championships, Olympic Games and World Cups by supporting identified athletes within the program via the Athlete Development Pathway. The priority for all activities in 2020 will be aimed at preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The NHPP has two components, a centralised Centre of Excellence (COE) based in Brisbane and a decentralised HP Training Squad (HPTS) where athletes are able to train in their home cities. The NHPP is managed on a day-to-day basis by Archery Australia’s High Performance Manager (HPM) and National Coach who report to the Archery Australia Board and the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS). The NHPP is entirely funded by AIS Grants.

Archery Australia has limited funding and resources to support High Performance athletes and therefore has designed a High Performance structure that classifies athletes into tiers. This in turn enables Archery Australia to prioritise the support and funding that it provides to the NHPP athletes in a fair and transparent manner. Funding for this program is provided by the Australian Government and spending on the program as well as its activities are monitored by the Australian Institute of Sport.

The NHPP consists of four tiers that athletes are able to progress through as they further develop their skills and performances. The entrance criteria for each of these tiers has been designed to align with the Sport Australia’s athlete classification meaning that athletes are eligible to receive more support as they progress through the tiers. The table below (Table 1) provides a brief summary of each Tier whilst Appendix A provides full details of each Tier including the number of positions available and the allocation of support and resources that athletes in each Tier are eligible to receive.


World Class – Tier

Athletes who in the opinion of the HPC have demonstrated their ability to challenge or have actually achieved a recent podium position in top International Competition.

International – Tier 2

Athletes who in the opinion of the HPC are competitive in international competition and have the potential to progress to World Class within the next two years.

National – Tier 3

Athletes who in the opinion of the HPC are competitive at the National Level and are ready for international exposure under direction of the High Performance Unit.

Development – Tier 4

Athletes who in the opinion of the HPC are considered to be emerging and have the potential to progress through the tiers in the coming years due to demonstrated commitment.

For further information about Archery Australia’s National High Performance Program (NHPP) please refer to the following documents

(a) NHPP Policy - Recurve

(b) NHPP Policy – Compound**The NHPP Policy – Compound program is currently under review

How to Join the National High Performance Program

Application Process

Membership of the NHPP is reviewed on a six monthly basis. Athletes who wish to be considered for the NHPP must submit their application within the timeframe detailed below. The six monthly review will be undertaken on the first working day of the review period with Athletes notified within 10 working days of the outcome of their application.

Application Timelines




Applications Open

Applications Close

Notify Outcome

Period 1


1 January – 30 June

1 June

7 July

17 July

Period 2


1 July – 31 December

1 December

7 January

17 January


How to apply

Athletes wishing to apply for the NHPP should firstly get a copy of the NHPP Policy – Recurve and review it carefully paying special attention to the performance requirements, eligibility requirements and expectations of athletes in the program. The program is demanding and requires dedication, commitment and time. Only athletes who are willing to make that commitment should apply.

There are several documents that must be completed and submitted by the application closing date. Please refer to the section titled ‘Athlete Application Checklist’ in the NHPP Policy to ensure that all application requirements have been met. Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted.

Where to send your application.

All applications shall be submitted electronically via email and sent to  

Documents for applying to join the NHPP.


NHPP Policy Recurve - Download Here.

NHPP Application Form - Download Here 

Athlete Agreement and Athlete Code of Conduct - Download Here

Returning from Retirement Application Form - Download Here 



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