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Archery Australia is committed to maintaining a clean drug free sport. 

Archery Australia Anti Doping Policy - Effective 1 January 2015

Anti-Doping: Get Educated!

ASADA e-Learning is a new anti-doping education tool developed for the Australian sporting community by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA).

The core six 20-minute modules, called Pure Performance Online, provides you with the opportunity to learn about the key areas of anti-doping. It covers topics such as prohibited substances and methods, therapeutic use exemptions, doping control and whereabouts.

A further 15-minute module is available if you want to become a Pure Performance Supporter. This module provides you with the information and resources you need to share the anti-doping message amongst your sporting community.

ASADA e-Learning is easy to use and free. Get started today by visiting 


If you require any information on Drug Testing Procedures and what medications are banned go to the ASADA website which has a number of Fact Sheets and a Q&R section. You can also call 1300 027 232.

For more information from Australian athletes on how to prepare for doping control you can watch this YouTube video.


If you plan to compete in a State or National Championships, National level tournament (Australian Open, Team Selection Event etc) and you require medical treatment for illness, disease or injury and can only be treated by substances or methods that would otherwise be prohibited for use in sport you must apply for a TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption).

To obtain a TUE form go to the ASDMAC website and download the TUE form. You then take the TUE form to your doctor, your doctor should then complete the form attaching all supporting clinical evidence. You then send the completed form with evidence direct to ASMAC at P.O. Box 345, Curtin ACT 2605.

Archery Australia is not and can not get involved with this process for privacy reasons.


If you plan to compete in an International Event such as a World Championships, Olympic Games, World Cup etc and you are again being treated by substances or methods that would otherwise be prohibited for use in sport you must apply direct to FITA for an International TUE. These forms can be found on the FITA website and must be sent along with all supporting clinical evidence direct to FITA at least 21 days prior to the event.

NOTE: World Archery changes a fee for this service and the payment of such fee is the total responsibility of the athlete concerned.




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