National Coaching Program


The Archery Australia National Coaching Program provides an integrated Pathway Program for both archers and coaches. 


There are four coaching levels available to members.





Archery Australia also offers accreditation to non members such as private archery operators, schools camps and similar. This level is called



Community Archery Instructor courses can be conducted by a Club, RGB, Archery Australia or in house by the Community Organisation.

Archery Instructor and Club Coach courses can be conducted by a Club, RGB or Archery Australia. 

For Community Archery Instructor, Archery Instructor or Club Coach courses the course presenters must be accredited to a level higher than the course being delivered, e.g Archery Instructor course can be conducted by a Club Coach.

Regional Coach and High Performance Coach courses are conducted by the Archery Australia High Performance Program.

ARCHERY Come N Try Program

The Archery Come N Try Program is conducted by Clubs and Community Organisations and Schools as a basic, low commitment introduction program to Archery.

Generally each session is conducted as a one off session where a participant is introduced to Archery learning the basis of Safety, Equipment and Shooting Technique.

Each session goes from between one and on and half hours, all equipment is provided.

The activity is conducted to a modified version of the Archery Australia Introduction to Archery Program.

Following the Archery Come N Try is a participant wishes to go further with the sport they would then undertake formal instruction conducted by the club in line with the Archery Australia Introduction to Archery Program.



Archery Australia clubs offer formal instruction to potential new members. This format and content of the course is cover in the Introduction to Archery Manual.

Each course is conducted over 3 or 4 weeks and each session goes for between one and half and two hours, depending upon the clubs requirements.

The course can be very intense, all equipment is provided by the club and the participant will come away from the course with a through understanding and skill level to confidently obtain equipment, join a club and start and engage in archery activities. 


The OzBow Archery Program is aimed at developing the skills and knowledge of new club member. The program provides the opportunity for new members to start and join into club activities while recognising their ability level.

New members start shooting at 10m or 30m (senior compound) attempting to achieve a minimum qualifying score. They must achieve this score before they advance to the next distance. As they achieve each level they are awarded with a certificate.

This process allows the new archer to develop the skills and knowledge of the sport in a structured manner.

It also allows clubs to access a new members ability and provide coaching assistance utilising the Archery Australia Approved Shooting Technique prior to the new member entering into mainstream archery activities.

This system has a proven record of quickly developing new members while at the same time ensuring the retention of members.



While a new member is engaging in the OzBow Program they will have the opportunity to further develop their skills and knowledge. This will be provided by the club through Club Coaches following the Archery Australia Approved Shooting Technique.


Always ensure Instructor and Club Coaches have up to date Coaching Accreditation with Archery Australia.


Archery Australia may recognise prior learning for Instructors and Coaches.

Archery Australia may recognise instructor/coach accreditation obtained from another National Federation where –

  • The National Federation is a current member of World Archery.
  • The applicant provides a copy of documents supporting the coaching accreditation from the National Federation.
  • The applicant to provide details of the course curriculum, course structure and course content from the National Federation from whom they obtained coaching accreditation.
  • The course curriculum, course structure and course content must be compatible with Archery Australia coaching standards.
  • The applicant provides a detailed resume of their background and experience, Archery Australia reserves the right to make contact with the applicants National Federation seeking further information.
  • The applicant may be required to also attend an interview and assessment by Archery Australia Coaching or High Performance Committee and /or undertake an instructor/coach reaccreditation exam.


All Archery Australia accredited instructors and coaches or instructors and coaches under training are covered by the Archery Australia Insurance Policy.

Instructor and coaches must at all times be current financial registered members of Archery Australia.

The Archery Australia Insurance Policy covers instructors and coaches when they are engaged in
sanctioned and approved Club, RGB or Archery Australia activities.

A sanctioned and approved activity is one that has been sanctioned and approved by the appropriate authority (Club, RGB, or Archery Australia) who can then provide written evidence (minutes, letter of authority, contract etc) of such authorisation if requested.

This also includes activities external to the club such as School and Community activities but the activity must be approved and sanctioned by the Club, RGB or Archery Australia.

Instructors and Coaches may be paid for their time or out of pocket expenses but such amounts must be approved and paid by or with agreement of the Club, RGB or Archery Australia. Again the Club, RGB or Archery Australia must be able to provide written evidence (minutes, letter of authority, contract etc) of such authorisation if requested. Such payment must comply with ATO requirements.

Archery Australia insurance DOES NOT cover Instructors or Coaches who operate a private business or their employees or conduct instruction or coaches activities external to the Club, RGB or Archery Australia which is NOT a sanctioned or approved activity.

This non-sanctioned or non-approved instruction or coaching even if conducted at a Club, RGB or Archery Australia venue will not be covered if such instruction or coaching has not been approved or sanctioned by the Club, RGB or Archery Australia.

The Archery Australia Insurance policy only covers Instructors and Coaches who follow Archery Australia Coaching Program and Guidelines.

Community Archery Instructors are not covered by the Archery Australia Insurance Policy as this level of accreditation relates to Instructors who are not Archery Australia members and conduct their activities with community bases groups who have there own insurance cover.

For further information contact the Archery Australia Office on



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