Instructor/Coach Reaccreditation

Instructors and Coaches need to be re-accredited every 4 years with Archery Australia. Instructors and coaches should over this period be actively engaged in instruction and coaching as well as updating their knowledge and skills by attending seminars and up date courses.

All activities should be recorded in a Coaching Log book or personal file; assessment points are awarded for each activity.

To be re-accredited you must –

      1. Have obtained the minimum required number of assessment points over a 4 year period for their particular level. These points are detailed in NCP12 Re-Accreditation Policy
      2. Complete the following forms - 


To be re-accredited High Performance Coach will be assessed every two years by the National Coach. 

FEE: There is a $25.00 Re-Accredition Fee which must be paid with your application.

Archery Instructor. Accrue 150 points over a 4-year period.

Club Coach. Accrue 200 points over a 4-year period.

Regional Coach. Accrue 150points over a 2-year period.

High Performance Coach. Assessment conducted by individual performance review every 2 years.

Coaches are encouraged to keep a “Log Book” or record of all activities. 

Each activity should be confirmed that it has been undertaken or carried out in line with the Archery Australia Coaching program. Confirmation should be in writing by a club official, RGB Official or course supervisor endorsing your logbook or personal coaching record.


Archery Australia

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