Community Archery Instructor

Community Archery Instructor

The Community Instructor Program is aimed and has been developed for non Archery Australia members who can be accredited as a Community Archery Instructor. 

This instructor level is aimed at businesses, schools, camps and community groups who undertake archery instruction for their customers and students.

Community Archery Instructor Course Information (currently under review)

NOTE - All forms being updated to online forms, refer to Archery Australia Office for manual forms in the interim.

NCP1 Course Registration Form (Online)

Community Archery Instructor Manual

The course is conducted using the Community Archery Instructor Manual, copies of the manual are available from the Archery Australia Office at $15.00 a copy.

Click Here to download Community Archery Instructor Manual

Community Archery Instructor Handbook

This handbook is provided and is available in either hard copy or electronic format from the Archery Australia Office. It is intended that it be provdied either free of charge or at a small cost to each person who undertakes instruction by an accredited Community Archery Instructor. 

Click Here to download handbook Community Archer Instructor Handbook

Course Fee

Archery Australia charges a $25.00 registration fee for each course participant. This fee is extra to any fee charged by the course presenters. 

Course Material


1. Welcome
2. Safety
3. Eye Dominance
4. Demo First Shots
5. Removing Arrows
6. Scoring
7. Stringing the Bow
8. Selecting Equipment
9. Shooting Technique - The Ten Steps




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