Club Coach

The second Archery Australia Instructor/Coach level is Club Coach and forms a major element of the National Coaching Program.

Club Coach courses can be conducted by Clubs, RGBs or Archery Australia using the Advanced Archery Manual. 

Club Coaches and higher should only be teaching the Approved Archery Australia Shooting Technique, READ MORE.

Club Coach presenters must be have current Archery Australia accreditation Club Coach with a minimum of 4 years instruction/coaching experience or a higher qualification e.g Club Coach course can be conducted by a Regional Coach.

It is the second step in the Coach Pathway although it is considered to be an important element as Club Coaches provide the advise and assistance for people to advance in the sport while helping to retain members.

Full colour, loose leaf copies of the Advanced Archery Manual can be obtained from:-

Archery Australia Office

P.O.Box 54, Panania NSW 2213

Phone 02 9772 2995Fax 02 9772 2749


Cost - $50.00 plus postage (within Australia). 

The manual is in a loose leaf format so updates can be added as well as notes.

Club Coach Syllabus

NOTE - All forms being updated to online forms, refer to Archery Australia Office for manual forms in the interim.

Course Registration Form (online registration form)

Candidate Registration Form

Alternatively you can download the Advanced Manual by chapter -

Module 1 - Biomechanics
Module 2 - Approved Archery Technique
Module 3. - How Arrows Work
Module 4 - Recurve Equipment Set Up
Module 5 - Compound Equipment Set Up - Under Review
Module 6 - Stabilisers
Module 7 - Clearance
Module 8 - Nock Fit and Nocking Points
Module 9 - Installing Peep Sights - Under Review
Module 10 - D Loops - Under Review

Module 11 - Exercises
Module 11 - SPT Training
Section 14 - D Loops
Module 12 - Barebow
Module 13 - Archery Hidden Enemy
Module 14 - Shooting in the Wind


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